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Blob Quest is a unique digital game for children aged 7-11. Through playing BLOB QUEST a child learns the meaning, the application, and the skill of multiplication. The child doesn’t even see the symbol of multiplication during the game and yet playing it brings him full control of the subject.


The game is a humoristic quest of a friendly monster who is determined to accomplish a heroic quest.

On the way to his goal, he is required to fight monsters and overcome challenges. Yet, his true mission is to get kids to love and master the skill of multipication.


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How Does it work?

Despite many great teachers, and great efforts they make to engage students. It is nearly impossible to get all the students in a classroom to master any skill, with repetitive practice without frustrating or boring the vast majority of them. The practice required of students comes in a form of a word passionately hated by students - ‘Homework’. The struggle to get kids to do their homework is then passed onto their parents...


The little time parents have, to spend with their children should be spent on bonding activities such as games, outdoor activities or anything both parties enjoy. Spending time doing homework leads to the exact opposite. It arouses tension, low self-esteem, guilt and grudge. Yet, for many parents, this is the most common way to spend personal time with their children.


Blob Quest offers a game that kids play for their own entertainment. The unique element of Blob Quest is that the natural by-product skill any game has is pre-designed to be the skill required by the school. In this case, it is the understanding of multiplication and the mastering of the multiplication table.

Everybody Loves BlobQuest

“It is an actual game! You don't feel like this is an educational activity.
I wish that could replace homework.
I feel that I am getting smarter as I play

Roy, 8 year old


How can teachers enjoy the benefits of BlobQuest?

Teachers know only too well how challenging it is to get children to practice mathematical skills. Mastering the multiplication tables requires repetitive practice. There are only so many practice sheets the average pupil is keen to fill in.

Many invested mathematical games tempt the child to play through a sword fight or some other playful element. To progress in the game, the child is required to stop and solve a few problems in order to retain the right to play. It is a creative way to milk a few exercises out of a child, but there is a downside: the game is the temptation and the math is the "Tax” that must be paid. It sends a tricky subconscious message and the Math itself becomes the undesired element as far as the child is concerned. We in Arcadia believe Math itself is the game! This is where BlobQuest comes in.


BlobQuest delivers repetitive practice and gradual progression of the multiplication tables through pure gaming. The student can pursue successful results within a fun adventure. Feedback is immediate. Mistakes are welcomed and treated with humor. No language barriers stand in the way of mastering it. And 100% of the time spent playing is devoted to the improvement of mathematical skills. Any student can achieve full success.


How can BlobQuest be used in your classroom?

We recommend that you first present the game to the classroom using a Tablet or Desktop version..

The teacher should play the game on the Tablet whilst it is connected to a projector. We highly recommend connecting speakers as well so that the children can appreciate the full gaming experience. The teacher can advance through the game as the children shout out the correct answer. We recommend making intentional mistakes. Make fun of what happens when the wrong answer is given and encourage students to keep on trying until they get it right.

Invite one or two children to play the game on the Tablet (which is still connected to the projector).


Practice in the classroom

The next stage, if Tablets are available, is to let the children play the game for themselves and/or on cellular phones (with the game downloaded on them). Encourage the students to share with you their highest scores and funniest results. Note that the game is intentionally hackable! It is possible to gain more and more points by simply choosing to repeat the stage. The purpose is obvious – to encourage more practice!


Practice outside the classroom

Teachers that want to encourage more practice outside of the classroom can offer a variety of "rewards". Invite the students to send you screenshots of their top results. Even a word or two of praise:” I’ve noticed how good you’re getting at BlobQuest. Soon you will become a master!"


You can reward any time they break their own record with a BlobQuest star. Three stars exempt a student from X pages of homework! A score of over 5000 awards the title of BlobQuest Master and replaces Y pages / days of homework! These are simply examples. The actual mechanism of rewards is to be determined exclusively by the teacher.


Meet the team

Michal Gonen, Co-Founder

An expert of creative thinking with 18 years of experience in finding creative solutions to complex challenges in advertising and marketing. Director of award winning campaigns for prominent companies.

Alina Colton, Co-Founder

An award-winning educator
The pedagogical director of SpaceIL. With 25 years of experience in teaching, and developing innovative tools for learning. Experience in leading national educational enterprises.

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